Win32 Microsoft Windows 98, Second Edition
(! take it from the sticker image, ocr in description is wrong)


A CD-RW recorded on a Power Mac G5 once got reported to me to contain a 15GB and counting of files by Windows 98.

When password is not set, login screen is skipped. At least I can be sure my VNC would start...


Dell Latitude CPx H

ATI Mobility M1 driver (last version in Dell catalogue with a description mentioning Windows 98)

Video Drivers (ATI Rage Mobility-M1) [note: onboard video) version A07

For Dell Portables using ATI Mobility-M1 graphics chip

sha256 7d02110f1d0027e58ac0d5a8dbf297476e05a185e03d8e47f85d08b46293e539

Latitude Alps Touch Pad/Stick Drivers version A03

sha256 807eda895e0a93c437569c85b351910f8ec6ef2e233b51152950682f057d0c9f

The issue with cursor pushing to the upper right corner fast unless countered with exactly full force of the track stick didn't go away after installing the drivers, but instead it started going the opposite way into the lower left corner. Either disable the Stick (Touch Pad only) from the driver settings after installing this, of disable the "PS/2 Compliant Mouse Port" device altogether.

IrDA [Kingsun KS-959] / MA-620

"Mam sterowniki USB IrDA MA-620 do Windows Vista i 7"

To register the assembly, you must use the .NET equivalent of regsvr32, regasm. This is located in the framework directory, usually "C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727". To register it, open a command prompt and run the following command, assuming that the framework directory and the assemblies directory are in the environment's current path.

WPA2 on Windows 2000 (or even 98!) is modern wpa_supplicant ported back to Windows, with a service executable that stores the conf in registry instead.


The VNC client/server to probably best use on Windows 98 is the last supported version of TightVNC for it. It is advertised pretty clear on their website.

Windows Commands

forfiles /s /m style.css /c "cmd /c echo @relpath"

recursively search for files named "style.css" - see forfiles | Microsoft Learn