icesh +c xconsole skip
man icewm-winoptions

xbatt.allWorkspaces: 1 show class xbatt on all workspaces
xbatt.ignoreTaskBar: 1 don't show in taskbar
xbatt.ignoreQuickSwitch: 1 will hide it from Alt-Tab
xbatt.ignoreWinList: 1 will hide it from window list
xbatt.layer: Dock makes it be on the Dock layer which is above
xbatt.geometry: 39x39-0-0 sized 39 39, minus zero means from the lower-right corner
xconsole.layer: Desktop makes it be not with windows but with desktop, below
xconsole.ignoreTaskBar: 1 ditto
xconsole.ignoreQuickSwitch: 1 ditto

Don't do .doNotCover: 1, it will make your windows not maximize fully so as to not cover it. You will think it's your scaling envs messing up gtk unless you know what you're doing