Unices and unix-like. Non-specific mess.

well, here it is going to be a bit of a mess. Unix, unices, unix-like, bsd, linux. probably everything here.

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Commands cheatsheet

ps -o start PID
start time of the process by PID

su -c is a subshell

if your rc.d script does
su - $SYNCTHING_USER -c "$SYNCTHING -home=$CONFDIR -logfile=$LOGFILE -logflags=$LOGFLAGS $SYNCTHING_ARGS" 1>/dev/null 2>&1 &

it will fail silently if you happen to call the script as non-root. Instead have the ampersand be inside the su -c command argument, so that su can always go interactive asking you for password
su - $SYNCTHING_USER -c "$SYNCTHING -home=$CONFDIR -logfile=$LOGFILE -logflags=$LOGFLAGS $SYNCTHING_ARGS 1>/dev/null 2>&1 &"

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