Palm OS software on the interwebs

a listing of all that was archived from the _download/ path of freewarepalm

Find old enough archived webarchive to browse the collection, note the link to a list of all titles at the top.

Obviously see PalmDB, consider joining its Discord server

A small collection: "Freeware PalmOS software » absolutely no dead links!"

Szymon Ulatowski's ToySpring's ClockSelector — primarily several editions of a program to track and plot daily data

Mc* programs

I once dug up an old "#PalmOS" tweet from an old Twitter account of mine, dating back to August 2012 when I was 13yrs old.

I've just found an old website with some great apps for #PalmOS which I used a long time ago, created by their authors., you need to navigate to "Mike" at least these days

And there was ScreenPrefs among the programs there, a utility that allowed to select the color pallette for the device to operate in, iirc allowing to increase it greatly! A great find!

Also contains "McNits: Mike’s Palm Programming Nitpicks"

McNits is a series of articles that I wrote for the “Handheld Computing Developer” website. They are a compilation of nitpicks that I have concerning those not-so-great Palm OS programs. Some of these are suggestions brought forth by PalmSource, some by me, others are just common sense.

[…] a series of articles to help Palm OS developers create high quality and consistent programs.

And also some tips on increasing productivity with the simple MemoPad utility.

That stuff, especially the software downloads, especially ScreenPrefs, I need to later make sure will grasp well or if it won't want to then I will host at least ScreenPrefs on an own website just in case.

Polish diacritics

First I found Interpilot website which referred me to use a new piece of software "PiLoc" instead, for which the duckduckgo finds were:

I have a recollection of the names of both Interpilot and PiLoc from my old days.

The downloads for Interpilot on its website work well so Interpilot is what I will go with.

See also (🇵🇱):
(found it in my Firefox history/bookmarks randomly by accident, back from the times when it was still up)


printing appears entirely possible with PalmPrint without a serial number. it just appends a trailing HyperCam-esque thing to the end of a print.

The serial number in Codez4Palm, supposedly for 4.4.1, is denied any functionality in both 4.4.1 and 4.4.3 as a 3.(x?) license key, and that after removing the trailing "P" from it as otherwise it's treated as invalid.

When printing in modes utilizing Palm fonts, and having some internationalization like Interpilot, it prints with the diacritics as they are on the device.

Printing ToDos doesn't list whether they're done or not when you print all of them, and it spans them over two lines each with one interleaving blank line.

To look into in search for software

These abovelinked two articles contain a few nice links.


HotSync companion

Palm Desktop on Windows

Infrared HotSync


the "Image Transfer" functionality of "Wireless Link" had to be disabled for HotSync Manager not to tell us to read a nonexistent IR readme.


J-Pilot is available in neither Nixpkgs (Nix/NixOS) nor HaikuOS's Depot but that wasn't that unexpected; the good news is that J-Pilot has reached 2.0 in 2021, with main change being GTK3. I don't exactly like the 2.0 after all and often resort to the old stable.